Tuscany is known for picturesque medieval towns, cypress-lined lanes, historic towns and rolling hills, but actually has so much to offer. From dawn to dust you can experience mountains and beach life, archeological sites and contemporary art exhibitions and parks, amazing nature reserves and ancient hot springs. But there is a lesser-known side of this region, the one that shines after the sunset. Tuscany hosts thousands events, not only historical celebrations and food fairs, but also marvellous street art shows, concerts and art&photography festival. There are events for all tastes that really worth the trip!
“Tuscany among the stars” will be an example of the kaleidoscope summer nights that are waiting for you! The bloggers will experience some of the main events, such as Lucca Summer Festival, Pistoia Blues, Mercantia in Certaldo and Cortona On The Move.


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Sasha Wang

Sasha Wang


Born in China, Sasha has recently moved to Florence after 8 years living in Hong Kong. You can find her blogging about her expat life in Stai Al Borgo. With the passion to the Italian culture, Sasha also started her Chinese version blog on WeChat. Find Sasha on her blog, Facebook, TwitterInstagram or Google+!

Sasha Wang

Yishyene Chew

Yishyene Chew


I was born and raised in Malaysia, educated in Australia, and I now use London as a base to travel the world. I enjoy immersive and adventure travel. I eat anything, do everything, and love everyone. I especially enjoy eating new/curious foods, dancing, festivals, snowboarding, and watersports. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Yishyene Chew

Samuel Webster

Samuel Webster


Samuel Webster is an Australian artist who has spent the last few years in Tuscany. He has published two poetry books, as well as multiple short films and photographic collections. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Samuel Webster

Bernardo Conde

Bernardo Conde


Bernardo Conde is a photographer with a great passion for traveling, nature and people. At present he is dedicated to professional photography and leading cultural adventure trips. Follow his stories on Twitter or Instagram!

Cortona On The Move

Cortona's valley

Discovering Cortona, in the heart of Tuscany

Shoes at Del Brenna jewellery - Cortona city center

Handmade shoes at Del Brenna jewellery

Street views

art and flowers along the streets of cortona

Sunset in Cortona

A view of the city

During Cotona's trip. Streets and stunning views

Windows and arcs. Something typical

Collecting postcards

Door Knocker in Tuscany

Stefano and "Cortona On The Move"'s bulletin board

Yishyene taking a nap!

Relax time into "Cortona On The Move" headquarter

Pictures about normal life in Italy

Sasha and Samuel

An abandoned house: one of the place where pictures are shown

Cortona's main street

Antonio: executive director and our special guide

Bernardo's shoes in a perspective view

A frame of walls

Papers on a bulletin board

The church surrounded by an amazing view

Walking back to the center

Yishyene looking for holy connections

Ancient walls, same style


Old hospital one of the biggest locations of the exhibition

Wide spaces at the old hospital

Seats in a well organized location

Part of "Confrontier" exhibition

"Blue Sky Days" exhibition is not all about pictures

A short video showing drone's flights

"Pipeline" tells about stories of prostitutes

Inside old hospital

Pipeline: thes tory about Nigerian women trafficking to Italy

Off Circuit: a special exhibition

Stairs connecting floors at old hospital

"Otsuchi future memories"

A visual documentation of a destroyed Japanese city

Sam and Stefano in San Giovanni's thermal bath

San Giovanni in Rapolano Terme

Cheers from Cortona!

Cortona On The Move manifesto

Another location close to Cortona city center


The exhibition few steps away from the center

Cubes on the floor to show pictures

Pictures about personal stories

Fortezza Girifalco. From the top of the town

Fortezza Girifalco. From the top of the town


Sasha at "Dreaming Leone" exhibition

"Dreaming Leone" a tribute to Sergio Leone

Phillip Toledano and his transformations Read more

How Mr. Toledano sees his dead

Walking in a typical Tuscany countryside

From Cortona to Florence

We must stop viewing these sonflowers

Mercantia & Certaldo

The red sheet

Tuscany landscapes

Death, a violinist and a dancer

Dancing with fire

Dancing twists

Dancing on wall

Come this way

Come dance with me


Chasing the light

Certaldo street

Don't miss our show


Burning down the house

Bruschetta al pomodoro

Bring out the fire

Bottle lamp




Angels and devils parade

Angels and devils parade

And dancing we fly

Aliens attack

An angel among devils

A musical theatre band

Palazzo at Certaldo

One princess, one castle

Night muses

Night bazar at Certaldo

Night ballet

Night ballet at Certaldo hills

Mercantia map


Love in a rope

Lost angel

Look at me

Listen to me


Let's paint devils

Let's eat and drink

It wasn't me

Iron sculpture

I take care of you

Hold on each other

Hipnotic devil


Enjoying the view

Handcraft writing

Green leaves

Golden garden


Gentle fairy at mercantia


Fire proof

Fire play

Fire heart

Fairy realizing wishes

Tuscany colors

Door 15

Don't go

Dinner with the sun

Devil himself

Together we're happier

Tied up at Mercantia

Those sweet memories

This is it, party at Mercantia

This is happiness

There will be a light

There she goes

The young writer

Dancers performing during Certaldo's night

The street with funny mirrors

The power of the Certaldo devil

The meeting point

The mad, and the crazy kid

The look of an angel

The light

The human tunnel

The good one looses

The good fairy

The floor is on fire

The dragons exists

The dragon is coming

The devil Federico

The attack of the minotaur

Tales and stories

String of life


Sunset at certaldo

Takabum party

Sweet sangria

String fairy

Street orchestra


Street band and muppets

Small balls of fire

Should i jump? How I miss her


Yishyene and the colored ribbon

She's going away

Shields of rulers of Certaldo

Sculping artist at Certaldo

Scary angel

Sasha was possessed


Preparing to be a devil

Wrong endings

Window detail

Will you lift me up

White dragon

White dragon spell

Where's the party?

Where's Ivo?

Where do we go from here

When three are one

When the dragon turned red

We can fly

Wanna danceland

Waiting on a line

Vertical dancing

Upside downs dancers

"Un chimico" (a chemist)

Two in a graveyard

Trashman calling Elvis

Trash man at Mercantia

Florence, Lucca & Robbie Williams

July 23th: Robbie Williams concert! Read more

Lucca in the morning. Worth a visit Read more

In Lucca discovering the city and its ancient shops

Someone is really tired

Quick visti in Florence

San Niccolò tower

On the top of San Niccolò tower. Stunning view

At Forte Belvedere in Florence

Antony Gormley "HUMAN" exhibition Read more







Pistoia & Sting


Paolo, our driver



Pizza time

Good drink in the heart of the city

Aperitivo. Italian must do

Waiting for Sting

Tuscany Among The Stars

Stefano Bizzarri

Stefano Bizzarri


Stefano is a director of photography and adventure documentary, film and corporate productions camera operator. He lives in the mountain in northern Tuscany and works in videomaking field since 2008. He likes: fast lenses, the silence of the mountains, rambling travels and well-done mojitos; sometimes in different sort. You can follow him on Facebook and Milofilms.it